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    Xinlong Group’s production capacity has exceeded 10,000 tones per year including 8 catalogues with more than 1000 kinds of products.


      At present, Xinlong Group has eight production systems including thermobonding line , spunlacing line ,laminated spunlacing line, nonwovens finishing line, paste dot coating line and converted nonwovens system. Through property restructure and acquisition, the company also has the spunbond, melt blow, and new products developed by the company are increasing day by day.


      Xinlong Group can provide the following products to its domestic and international customers: spunlaced medical gauzes, medical hygiene nonwovensspecial surgical dressings, high-grade agriculture nonwovens, geo-engineering and construction nonwovens, functional industrial nonwovens, various protective nonwovens, special industrial nonwovens, various upholstery nonwovens, specialty wipes, travel use nonwovens, various hot-melt paste-dot bonding interlining substrates, and many kinds of converted products. Xinlong Group can develop and produce special nonwovens according to the requirement of domestic and international customers.




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