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It is a white, yellowish, slightly gray powder or granular, non-toxic and odorless product, It can be soluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and acetic acid, slightly soluble in water, but not be soluble in ethanol. It has a relative density of 2.32. It is stable in the air.
It is packed with polyethylene film bag and plastic woven bag, with a net weight of 25 kg,40 kgor50 kgfor each bag respectively.
1. It may be used as an extender for bulking agent and calcareous additive in food processing and iswidely used in the production of mixed feed for aquaculture, livestock and poultry breeding. It is most effective among all mineral additives.

2. It is used toimprove livestock and poultry breeding rate, tocolysis rate and survival rate, enhance the disease-resistance and pest-resistance of livestock, avoid livestock and poultry cartilage disease and paralysis, prevent pig and chicken fromallotriphagia, promote the growing and development of livestock and poultry, increase their egg and meat yield, prevent them from soft shell disease, prevent them from the disease of milk secretion of livestock, and improve the milk yield and quality.

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